Welcome To Edgetec Systems

We are a computer brokerage firm. Our team of experienced professionals have the knowledge and expertise to ensure you find the best deals on refurbished, off-lease, open box computer product.  We support you through the buying and selling process! Contact us to help you make the deals for you!


Technology Sourcing

We can source computer product for you to fulfill your requirements.

Technolgy supply

We have a wide variety of  PC, Apple and other manufacture's on our lists.  Supplies change daily!

Logistics and Deal Negotiation

We can help with negotiating the best deal for you, arranging shipments, funding and  making sure it all happens!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of services do you offer?

We Offer Brokerage, Consulting, Sourcing for both Buying and Selling, we have the lowest fees in the business, you won't even notice them as we can negotiate the best prices possible.

How does it all work?

Contact us by email our consulting team or Call the office 905-780-0879 and one of our professional brokerage staff will help you with your buying or selling requirements.

How does your logistics and deal negotiation service work?

Once we get your requirements and you confirm the offer to buy or sell we work with you to arrange funding shipping and delivery/pickup of your order.  Our warehouse in Richmond hill can be a landing and sorting zone for your order which is all included in the price you pay for the product.   Keep in mind freight costs are always extra!

“I was looking to fufill an order of REFURB DESKTOPS , edgetec Systems did not disappoint. They were quick to respond and got me the product i wanted at well below market prices, highly recommend!”

— David Johnson